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Hard Copies vs. Digital Cloud: Storing Your PPIP

Storing Your PPIP   When it comes to your Personal Private Information Profile, aka your PPIP, it is vital to keep your information updated and secure. A PPIP is an organized document that contains a person’s information that their families and loved ones will require after their passing or incapacitation. We believe this is one […]

Your footprints are digital, too.

Digital assets. You know, your digital life? These assets range from things such as social networking accounts and digital photo galleries to financial-related digital assets like electronic tax returns and online banking information, etc. Essentially, it is the information you store electronically. Since digital assets can get a little broad, let’s condense this “study” session […]


Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been discussing wills on Facebook Live, so you may be wondering how much more can I say. August is National Make a Will Month, and in case you have missed my live broadcasts, I don’t want to miss this opportunity to stress its importance to anyone who is still […]

Three Tragedies and a HIPAA

  If you’ve been keeping up with our firm, then you’re no stranger to our style: we love our stories, and we love educating our friendmly (that’s you, our friends who we consider as our family).   So, let’s talk about HIPAA, aka The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. It is a federal law […]

The Long Term View of Life

  We believe in Long-Term Life Planning.  Planning your life and planning for life should be done at every stage of life.  Paradoxically,  the older we become, the more important a long term view of life becomes.   Below are five (5) planning principles to consider; we believe they will help you develop a long term […]

What Makes a Will Valid?

Movies, television, and books like to present wills in dramatic ways–handwritten notes, videos, deathbed utterances–but what makes a will valid? The law varies depending on what state you live in, but there are some basic rules.  The legal requirements for a will are simple. For your will to be valid, you must know what property […]