We believe in Long-Term Life Planning.  Planning your life and planning for life should be done at every stage of life.  Paradoxically,  the older we become, the more important a long term view of life becomes.


Below are five (5) planning principles to consider; we believe they will help you develop a long term view of life:


  • Be imitators.  God planned for us, even before the creation of the universe!  (He created the universe for us.)  Shouldn’t we imitate Him and be planners as well?


  • Plan from the heart.  The reason most people don’t have a sustained plan for their lives is that they plan from their heads.  Head planning is from our thoughts, emotions, and the babble of the world.   Head planning will go as far as our strength will take us.  A heart plan is born of God’s vision for our lives.  Like a seed, it contains everything for its full manifestation.  Seek the vision.  Plan from the heart!


  • The vision from God is always greater than you.  Don’t let the enormity of the vision deter you from planning.  It will always appear that it’s more than you can accomplish or achieve.  Give life to your vision by planning, and God will see that it comes to pass.


  • Write it down!  A Harvard University study followed the progress of its graduates several years after graduation.  It found that only 3% of its graduates had achieved the goals and dreams that they had set for themselves.  What made the difference?  It wasn’t smarts or talent or influence.  The study showed that 3% achieved success because they had consistently written down their goals and worked toward achieving them.  Writing down your dreams and visions is a biblical principle and is key to successful planning.


  • A Written Plan will bring others to help.  Just by writing down your dreams and visions and discreetly sharing them with others, leads to others to help you carry out the plan for your life.  Another Biblical principle!


The good news about planning is that it’s very too late to begin. Start planning today. Develop a long term view of life.

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